Welcome to the Roll the Dice website!  We are so excited to provide a family boardgame store to the Murfreesboro and Rutherford County community.  We are holding our Grand Opening on October 23, so we hope to see as many of our friends there as we can, and meet new friends too!

So what is Roll the Dice?  We are a store selling boardgames, CCGs, RPGs, Collectible Miniatures, Puzzles, and more!  We will have tables to play games, demos to try, and games for rent.  We also will be hosting both College and Family Game Nights, more details to come soon.

This has been an exciting adventure so far.  We are focused on getting the store set up for the Opening, but want to hear from you!  Any suggestions for events and/or products you would like to see are always welcome, and gives us a better idea as to how to serve you better.

For those who are following us out of state, we haven’t forgotten you either!  Many have asked for an e-commerce option for the store, but that is just a little too much too fast.  We need to focus on the physical store first.  While we will not initially have an e-commerce method of purchasing, you may still place orders, or request suggestions for orders on the website.  We will then contact you to discuss options for getting the games to you.

Finally, a shout out to all of the people who have been helping us thus far and making this a reality… A huge thank you to Lane Dycus for the creation of our logo!  She did an amazing job!  Thanks to Charlie Harrison for finding us an amazing site for the store.  Michael and Jennifer Morrison, our new landlords and owners of Digital Planet, have been a huge wealth of information already.  Matt Harvey has helped us get this website off the ground; I wouldn’t even know how to begin to get this site off the ground without him!  Jennifer Parker has been an invaluable asset in preparing the layout of the store.  Thad Couto is getting us a great deal on the shelving for the store!  A huge thank you to Tony and Judy Vanatta for their participation in this endeavor, and for watching the children while we engage in this crazy adventure! We cannot forget Dan and Tara Simmons for helping us formulate and move forward with this idea for a store; we might not have continued to act on the idea but for their initial encouragement.  And to everyone out there who has been praying for us, I cannot express what that means to us.

Please come back soon for more updates and event schedules!

David and Kristen Sieber

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