Happy Summer

Hello, and Happy Summer to you!

Okay, sure Summer is already almost over (if you go by the school calendars), but the weather is still warm and the days are still long!

If you have been here on the weekends, you probably met Joe Hardin. He is a school teacher most of the year, and an avid gamer during his off time! He was most gracious enough to help out at the store, allowing me some much needed time with family. Now that the school year is starting back up, he will not be here on Sundays, but we thank him SO much for stepping in for the last few months! David Ingle has agreed to come back and work Sundays, so we welcome his help! But never fear, I’m sure you have not seen the last of Joe. I think I can still wrangle him to refill the soda refrigerator from time to time!

August is always an interesting time for gaming. Companies start holding back new releases so that they can be premiered at GenCon, then will release to the stores. As such, we will be holding a GenCon recap August 25th! We will have some people who went to GenCon demo some of the new stuff they were able to bring back to give people an idea of what will be coming soon. We also hope to have a few new games in stock at that time. More to come on this exciting event! We will also be using this time to reinvigorate Board Game nights every Saturday from 5:00 – 9:00.

Magic the Gathering is still going strong. We already have over 40 people signed up between our 2 Prerelease events on SEPTEMBER 29! People are very excited about this new block, so there has never been a better time to learn the game, or get back into playing. We have Casual Magic night every Thursday from 5:30 – 9:00. Learn to play, or test out a deck, or play Commander/Legacy formats!

I say this every time, but it is no less true today than the first day I said it – Thank you for your support. Whether it is financial, prayerful, or even just the physical presence in the store, Kristen and I are grateful for all that you do! Never think that we do not recognize what you do for us. We thank you, and love you all for it!

David and Kristen

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