What a January!  We have been so blessed to see our regular weekly events growing!  We’ve been averaging 20 people for Magic every Thursday, and about 15 for Game Night every Friday and Saturday.

February is packed with special events for you!  Friday, Feb 4, we will be hosting a launch party for the new Magic set, called Mirrodin Besieged.  On the 19th, we will be featuring the game Dominion with a Tournament (see the Featured Game tab for more info on Dominion).  We expect slots to fill fast for this, so get your RSVP now!  On the 26th we have a demo of a miniatures game, called Monsterpocalypse.  If the name is familiar, it might be because Tim Burton is currently directing a film based on this game!  You will not want to miss this opportunity to see what’s got one of the most recognizable directors in Hollywood working on this project.

We say it every month, because it cannot be said enough – thank you for your support of this endeavor.  Kristen and I are truly humbled by the people we’ve met and the friends we’ve made along the way.  Please continue to pray for us, that God will continue to do His work in this store.

David and Kristen

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