Tennessee Game Days

We’ve had some great events at the store recently. Some great Magic events, an awesome Dominion tournament. But nothing quite stood out like moving our store for a weekend and participating in Tennessee Game Days. This was a three-day convention dedicated to board gaming in all of its many forms. From Euro to strategy, to cooperatives, to deck-building, TGD had it all! These were hard-core gamers with a love and passion for gaming that I had not seen before, and well as casual gamers that had not been exposed to many different games. Yet it was so cohesive and laid back, it was fantastic!

The organizers had a library of games that people could check out and play for free. They also put together tours that featured different games with a common theme, like cooperative games, or all created by Reiner Knizia, etc. This was a great way for people to get acquainted with games and have a set group with which to play the games. Combine all of this with various tournaments (like Wits and Wagers and Take It Easy), and you had a solid convention that is sure to please gamers of all varieties.

We had the privilege of being the exclusive vendor at the convention this year. This was the first year that TGD had a vendor, so there was a bit of excitement at having us there. It was also a great chance for us to get our name out there, and let people know that we were there.

Next up is MTAC! That’s right, we will be vending and providing the product for their Magic and Pokemon tournaments! This will be a very exciting time! Be sure to find us in the Analog Gaming Room!As always, Kristen and I appreciate your prayers and support of the store. We are continually amazed and humbled by what God is doing with our store, and you are a part of that! Thank you so much!

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