Happy Holidays Happy Holidays

The Holidays are upon us! One month in, and bustle of Christmas shopping has begun. We are very excited to be here to celebrate Christmas with Kristen’s family. We’re also excited to share our first Christmas with you! Thank you so much for the support you have given us so far. November 16th was our official Ribbon Cutting ceremony with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. We had about 40 – 50 people attend this special event. What a great time to meet other members of the Chamber and share our excitement for gaming with them! We have been having such great turnouts on Fridays with Game Night that it has expanded to Saturday as well! We are humbled and grateful for the amount of people coming out each week. Thank you to everyone who has made this such a success. Coming up on December 11th we have Robert Schwalb coming in to demo a new game from Wizards of the Coast, called Gamma World. Robert writes about 500,000 words per year for Wizards of the Coast, to include the upcoming expansion for Gamma World. He will also stick around for a signing after the demo. This is sure to be an exciting time! Be sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook, particularly as we will be starting to change our hours for the Holidays shortly. As always, please give us your feedback. We want to hear from you as this is your store as much as ours. We want to serve you in the best way possible, and we can only do that when you make your voice heard! Please email us from the Contact Us section with any questions or suggestions that would make your experience here even better. Lastly, please keep the reason there is even

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Game Night Game Night

We had a great time with our first Game Night on November 5th.  We had 11 people show up at various times to take part!  Thanks to everyone who came for making the first night such a success. First up was a game of Fluxx (see the Featured Games section) while we were waiting for some more people to arrive. Next, we played Betrayal at House on the Hill.  This is a tile game in which players are explorers a creepy house.  At some point in the game, one of the players is found out to be a traitor (who it is is a surprise to everyone including the traitor).  At that point the remaining explorers play against the traitor in one of 50 different scenarios.  This game was a new one to me, but is definitely be one that we will be stocking!  It’s that good. After that we played Carcassonne, another tile game (that was apparently the theme of the night).  Players lay out tiles that create the board on their turn.  They can then try to claim cities, roads, etc.  When the claimed cities, roads, etc are completed by other tiles being played, players score points accordingly. We finished out the night with Wits and Wagers.  Everyone writes down the answer (always a number) to a question, then wager on who was closest to the correct answer without going over.  This is a great party game that can often be played in about 30 minutes. At this point Kristen and I want to take a moment to thank everyone again for journeying with us, either in prayer, by joining us at the store, or following us on Facebook and/or the website.  You all are very important to us! Finally, this has been a very interesting week.  We have had some exciting opportunities

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Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to the Roll the Dice website!  We are so excited to provide a family boardgame store to the Murfreesboro and Rutherford County community.  We are holding our Grand Opening on October 23, so we hope to see as many of our friends there as we can, and meet new friends too! So what is Roll the Dice?  We are a store selling boardgames, CCGs, RPGs, Collectible Miniatures, Puzzles, and more!  We will have tables to play games, demos to try, and games for rent.  We also will be hosting both College and Family Game Nights, more details to come soon. This has been an exciting adventure so far.  We are focused on getting the store set up for the Opening, but want to hear from you!  Any suggestions for events and/or products you would like to see are always welcome, and gives us a better idea as to how to serve you better. For those who are following us out of state, we haven’t forgotten you either!  Many have asked for an e-commerce option for the store, but that is just a little too much too fast.  We need to focus on the physical store first.  While we will not initially have an e-commerce method of purchasing, you may still place orders, or request suggestions for orders on the website.  We will then contact you to discuss options for getting the games to you. Finally, a shout out to all of the people who have been helping us thus far and making this a reality… A huge thank you to Lane Dycus for the creation of our logo!  She did an amazing job!  Thanks to Charlie Harrison for finding us an amazing site for the store.  Michael and Jennifer Morrison, our new landlords and owners of Digital Planet, have been a huge wealth of information already. 

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Wonderful Grand Opening Wonderful Grand Opening

Wow! What an incredible opening weekend! We had an awesome time meeting a lot of new people. It was great to see the excitement for a game store here in Murfreesboro. A great time was had by all. Even little Abigail had fun! Congratulations to all of the winners in our drawings: Bethany, Sean, Cheryl, Robert, Laura, Grace, Joel, Matt, Chevy, Rodney and Michelle! We again want to thank everyone for their prayers and support in getting the store up and running. It has been a huge blessing to us to see so many people doing what they could to help us get started! Special thanks to Mike Gerbman and Lynn Troutman for all of their time helping us paint and put the store together. Another huge thank you to Thad Couto with Woodmeister for making such wonderful shelves and the front desk for us. Michael and Jennifer Morrison with Digital Planet have been invaluable and have saved us valuable time and money on numerous occasions. Fastsigns did a fantastic job with our sign and lettering, and they also were great about getting the job done quickly! So what is coming up next? Friday, November 5th will be our first Game Night! Food and drinks are welcome. Mark it on your calendar and meet other people who are interested in the same kinds of games that you are! On Tuesday, November 16th we will have our official Ribbon Cutting with the Chamber of Commerce. That will be an exciting event! Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for these and other events! first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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